Literature and Translations

That ALL OA LITERATURE will be translated  into all languages where OA exists

Translation Guidelines

OA has a two-step licensing process for translation approval

License 1 gives permission to translate a particular piece of Literature and to circulate the translation for the purpose of validating its accuracy.

License 2 gives permission to print and distribute the approved translation, and is also used to assign rights to the translated work when your OA group or service body is distributing existing translations that don’t have license agreements.

OA Basic Glossary (Updated October 2016)


Translated Literature Summary (Updated March 2016).
Translated Materials Summary (Updated March 2016).

Translations and Projects Funding
Would you like to see OA approved Literature in your own Language?
Region 9 and World Service can help your service body do this.
World Service have a “Translation Assistance Fund” to assist with translation.
Here in Region 9 our fund is called R9 Translations/Projects Fund Application form
This fund is available to help service bodies within the region realise many different projects that contribute to the growth of the OA program in their area.
(These projects can involve the translation/printing of OA approved literature, P.I., P.O., etc.).
WSO Translations Fund Application form

R9 Translations/Projects Fund Application form (Updated May 2018) (.doc, 100 ko).

If you need any help with this form, or if you have any questions, please contact treasurer.

OA R9 Translations Workshop R9 Assembly 2017
(Updated November 2017)
Information to take home and share with Translations Committee.
1) Approved Literature.
2) Abstinence Literature Resource Guide.
3) OA Literature Copyright / Revision date. Note that these can change so need to check with WSO and / or Trustee.
4) Translation Guidelines.
5) Licence 1.
6) Licence 2.
7) Glossary of OA Terms in English.
8) Translations Workshop (available in polski, Ελληνικά, español).
9) Translations Workshop Summary (2017).
10) Translated Literature Summary.
11) Translated Materials Summary.
12) R9 budget.
13) Translation Fund Application. (WSO budget)

OA Literature Translated Throughout the World – Language Map