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Stop! Hurting Yourself With Food – PI poster (2018)

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Italian Stop! Hurting Yourself With Food
Dutch Stop! Hurting Yourself With Food
Hebrew Stop! Hurting Yourself With Food
French Stop! Hurting Yourself With Food
Danish Stop! Hurting Yourself With Food

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Download the Public information leaflet Do you Eat Compulsively

Do you Eat Compulsively

Dutch: Public information leaflet Do you Eat Compulsively
English: Public information leaflet Do you Eat Compulsively
Greek: Public information leaflet Do you Eat Compulsively
Hebrew: Public information leaflet Do you Eat Compulsively

Google Adwords Instructions
During 2015/2016 the Region 9 PI committee compiled an informative guide to help intergroups and other service bodies create their own Google Adwords campaign.
This document was produced by the region 9 public information committee.
Due to the constantly changing environment of the internet in general, and Google in particular, we suggest you check the information in the document for its validity at any specific time.

The document can be downloaded.

Region 9 Public Information Initiative 2013

The video Overeaters Anonymous: Many Symptoms, the OA Solution (Public Service Announcement) – preparing a localized version of the video to be used in your own country.

  1. First, make sure you have completed and received WSO (world service office) approval to use the video and translate it. The forms are available online, at the WSO website
  2. Download the original video from youtube (this can be done with software that allow you to save you tube videos, such as this one –
  3. Once you have the video, prepare a simple text file (.txt file) that contains the actual text that is spoken and written in the video. This should be in your local language. Below is the exact text said in the video. In brackets, text that appears as text and not spoken (the number in the beginning of each line is the correct time it appears in the video)                                                                                                                                          00:04 Compulsive eating affects millions of people world-wide                                        [I go on binges – – for no apparent reason]                                                                       00:11 These are just some of the symptoms                                                                             
    [I eat – – when I’m not hungry]                                                                                           
    00:18 If you feel powerless over food and unable to control the way you eat, you’re not alone [I feel guilty – – when I over eat]                                                                     
    00:26  [The way I eat – – hurts the people around me]                                                  00:30 Overeaters Anonymous can help.                                                                          
    00:34 Thorough shared experience, strength and hope; we provide an effective program and the support you need to stop compulsive eating                                   
    00:45 For more info about Overeaters anonymous or to find a meeting in your area, visit our website at                                                                                                    
    00:54 Welcome to Overeaters anonymous. Welcome home
  4. Now what we need to do now is combine the video and the subtitles file. In the following link you can find detailed information how this can be done
  5. Of course, having some computer skills is a thing needed in order to be able to complete the entire process.

Download : Preparing OA PI video with local translation (pdf)