12th Step Within

Can you Sponsor in R9?

We would like to identify abstinent sponsors in the various languages spoken in R9.
If you are available to sponsor in R9 by email, phone, or Skype please contact the R9 Sponsor Coordinators to get your contact information to them so you can be included in the R9 Sponsor listing.
You will be informed about the details when you register with us.

Looking for a Sponsor in R9?

If you are looking for a sponsor in R9 by email, phone, or Skype please contact the R9 Sponsor Coordinators, and you will be sent a list of available sponsors in your language and/or country.

List of Languages for R9 Sponsorship:

We currently have available sponsors in the following languages:We are also looking for sponsors in these other Region 9 languages:
Sepedi (North Sotho)Slovak


The following Sponsorship workshops can be downloaded and translated freely by OA groups and service bodies in Region 9. They have been used by other groups in Region 9, however, they are not officially Board Approved Literature or Conference Approved Literature.
The following links are WORD Document files, and clicking on the link will automatically begin the downloading of these files to your computer.

Twelfth Step telephone calls

Can you commit to a simple 12th Step Within action on the 12th of every month? Let’s encourage one another to pick up our telephones. At your OA meeting / Intergroup / Service Body Meeting / OA Workshop, please ask members to read the following flyer, commit to making a call on the 12th of each month, and take an ‘OA R9 Twelfth Step Within’ card home with them.

Twelfth-Step-Within Statement of Purpose

To carry the same message of recovery to those who still suffer WITHIN the OA Fellowship.

  • To deal with relapse and issues of membership retention offering the message of hope.
  • To encourage OA members to maintain recovery and prevent relapse.

Anyone who is abstinent and working his or her own recovery can do Twelfth-Step-Within service. No special qualifications are necessary; only willingness is needed. We can all help carry the message of recovery through abstinence and working the Steps by

  • being well ourselves;
  • giving service, sponsorship, and friendship;
  • encouraging membership retention;
  • attending meetings and OA events.


OA meetings take place in over 40 countries throughout Region 9, but less than half are represented each year at our Annual Assembly and Conference.

If you’d like to help our volunteers reaching out to these absent countries, then please contact the Region 9 General Officer, and we’ll add you to the team.

If you’re from a country that did not participate last year, and you would like to apply for funding to attend this year’s Assembly and Conference, please contact our treasurer.