R9 Committees

R9 Task Forces:

How We Carry the Message in R9

This year (2016-17) we are trying a new approach to reach our service objectives in Region 9. We are following a “Goal/Task” model with our service work. We have 3 “Task Forces” working on agreed goals and tasks. We are excited and hope this new structure will strengthen our efforts to carry the message of OA recovery in our region.

If you are interested in serving (along with the Assembly Reps) on any of the “Task Forces” in R9 to help with the goals and tasks (listed below) please contact the individual Task Force Coordinator.

R9 Task Forces: Current Goals & Tasks

R9 Goal: Promote a culture of Service
Task Force Coordinator: (service@oaregion9.org)

  • Create fundraising committee
  • Service desk (help desk & documentation)
  • Financial OA glossary

R9 Goal: Grow Unity
Task Force Coordinator: (unity@oaregion9.org)

  • Twinning of Intergroups from different countries
  • Translate Workshop (Translation) → Rep. service and lead the workshop at home; IG,
  • NSB or group. Post translated workshop on website.
  • R9 email-group for certain languages

R9 Goal: Prioritise Abstinence
Task Force Coordinator: (abstinence@oaregion9.org)

  • Daily reading journal with abstinence focus
  • Visit meetings – grow unity (outreach)
  • Setting up virtual meeting with TSW focus

Service Coordinators
In addition to the R9 Task Forces, we have other service positions to ensure vital service work is carried out in R9. Here are the positions we currently have:

  • Newsletter Coordinator
  • Spanish Language Service Board Rep
  • Webmaster/Electronic Communications Coordinator
  • Bylaws and P&P Coordinators
  • Sponsor List Coordinators
  • Master Glossary List Coordinators
  • Countries Outreach Coordinators
  • Celebration Days Coordinator

Service Volunteers are always welcome
If you, or someone in your service body, would like to serve Region 9 by helping in any of the above areas, please contact secretary@oaregion9.org

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