2019 Assembly 23-27 October, in Rome, Italy

Minutes of Region 9 Assembly 2019

Assembly Minutes 2019 FINAL

App. 1 GDPR Workshop summary

App. 2 Accounts and Budget Spreadsheet 2019 approved

App. 3 Translation & Language workshop 2019

App. 4 Caledonian IG 2021 Region 9 Bid

App. 5 Gauteng (South Africa) bid to host R9 A&C 2021

App. 6 Israel NSB R9 Bid for 2021-2022

App. 7 Conflict Resolution Worksheet

App. 8 Region 9 Updated Bylaws

App. 9 Region 9 Updated Policies & Procedures

Binder Documentation for Region 9 Assembly, Rome, Italy 2019

Index for Binder

Section A: Assembly-key-information

Section B: Reports

Section C: Finances

Section D: Motions

Section E: Elections

Section F: Bylaws

Section G P&P 2017-18

Section H: Minutes

Section I: About R9

Section J: Hosting Assembly



If you are planning on attending the R9 Convention only, the important documents you need are “3 Convention Registration form”, “4 Information pack” and “10 Privacy Notice”.

If you are coming as a Service Body/Intergroup Rep, R9 Officer, Committee Chair or Trustee, then ALL of these documents are important, except for Form 3 Convention Registration. You will need to register using “Form 2 Assembly Registration” (which includes registration for the convention).

Each link is indicated whether it is a PDF document, a link (interactive online form), or a WORD document. WORD documents will usually download automatically when clicked.

Chair invite

Instruction for completing forms (PDF)

Registration form for Assembly AND Convention(WORD)

3. Registration form for Convention ONLY (WORD)

4. Information Pack (PDF)

5. Representative (Rep) Job Description (PDF)

5A. Vital Link – Information about Region 9 (PDF)

6. Rep financial assistance application form (WORD)

7. Draft Motion form (WORD)

8. Region 9 Board application form (WORD)

8A. Region 9 Banker application form (WORD)

9. WSBC Region 9 Delegate application form (WORD)

10. Privacy Notice – to be signed by all participants (PDF)