2017 Assembly 1-5 November in Reykjavik/Iceland


Minutes of Region 9 Assembly and Convention 2017

R9 Bylaws 2017

R9 P&P 2017-18

R9 Appendix A 2017

Amended Approved budget 2017-2018

Preliminary Approved Budget 2018-2019

Overeaters Anonymous R9 Translations Workshop 2017

2017 Translations Workshop Feedback after assembly

Workshop – Intergroup Sharing – R9 Convention 2017


Registration Information for Region 9 Assembly and Convention, Iceland 2017

All you need for registration and so on to the 2017 Assembly in Iceland
Name, descriptionLink to the file (new window)Updated date
Chair Invite 2017Chair Invite 2017NEW 12th May 2017
Vital Link Questions and answers for representatives attending Region 9 annual assembly14 March 2017
Form 1 Assembly Registration 2017Form 1 Assembly Registration 2017 locked5th May 2017
Form 2 Hotel and Convention Registration IcelandForm 2 Hotel and Convention Registration Iceland28th April 2017
Form 3 Iceland NSB InvitationForm 3 Iceland NSB Invitation28th April 2017
Form 5 Rep Job Description 2017Form 5 Rep Job Description 201728th April 2017
Form 6 Rep Assistance ApplicationForm 6 Rep Assistance Application5th May 2017
Form 7 Draft Motion 2017Form 7 Draft Motion 20175th May 2017
Form 8 Board Application 2017Form 8 Board Application 20175th May 2017
Form 8a Banker Application 2017Form 8a Banker Application 20175th May 2017
Form 9 WSBC R9 Delegate Application Form 2017Form 9 WSBC R9 Delegate Application Form 20175th May 2017
Exchange rate euros-ISKExchange rate euros-ISK1st May 2017
Name, descriptionLink to the file (new window)Updated date

Binder Documentation for Region 9 Assembly, Iceland 2017

All the binder documentation for The Assembly of 2017 in Iceland.
Chapter letter
Chapter Section
Name, description
Number of pagesLink to the file (new window)Last Updated
Assembly whole Binder176Sections A-J26/09/2017
ASection-AAssembly Introduction33Section A11/09/2017
BSection-BReports17Section B11/09/2017
CSection-CFinance & Budget6Section C01/09/2017
DSection-D1Motions Part I5Section D101/09/2017
Section-D2Motions Part II17Section D212/10/2017
ESection EElections & Applications8Section E20/08/2017
FSection FBylaws 201615Section F20/08/2017
GSection GP&P 201624Section G20/08/2017
HSection HR9 Assembly Minutes 201610Section H01/09/2017
ISection IAbout Region 98Section I01/09/2017
JSection JHosting Region 9 Assembly 201910Section J03/09/2017
ChapterChapterName, descriptionPagesLink to the file (new window)Updated date