2015 Assembly 28th October-1st November 2015 in Paris/France

I. Region 9 2015 Assembly & Convention

2015 R9 Assembly in France
28th October-1st November 2015 in Paris/France

2015 (France) Assembly administrative documentation

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Contents of R9 A&C Invitation 2015 ContentsApril, 16th, 2015
R9 Assembly Invitation 2015 (including registration form for R9 representatives, registration assistance application form for R9, apologies for unable to attend assembly, Blank New Business Motion Form)Invitation NEW July, 13th, 2015
R9 Draft Motion 2015 (Blank New Business Motion Form)Draft MotionNEW July, 13th, 2015
R9 Assembly 2015 accommodation & convention registration form
for Representatives to R9 Assembly
Accommodation & convention April, 18th, 2015
Representative Assistance Application Form - R9 Assembly 2015Assistance Application FormApril, 16th, 2015
France's Flyer - R9 A&C 2015 (including place to stay, meals, transport information)FlyerApril, 16th, 2015
List of other hotels, close to conventionAccommodation listJune, 25th, 2015
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All you need for inscription and so on to the 2015 Assembly in France

2015 (France) Assembly documentation

All the binder documentation pour The Assembly of 2015 in France
Chapter letter
Chapter Appendix
Name, description
pagesLink to the file (new window)Updated date
Assembly whole Binder1-224Section A to Z NEW 28/9/2015
AAPPENDIX-ATable of contents2Section A05/08/2015
BAPPENDIX-BStatement of purpose, Register of Service Bodies, List of Translated Publications by Region 9, Delegate Assistance Paid Summary3-10Section B NEW 28/9/2015
CAPPENDIX-CChair's Welcome Letter11Section C05/08/2015
DAPPENDIX-DAgenda12-17Section D05/08/2015
EAPPENDIX-EGround Rules for the Region 9 Assembly18-20Section E05/08/2015
FAPPENDIX-FChair's Report and Strategic Plan21-25Section F05/08/2015
GAPPENDIX-GSecretary's Report26Section G05/08/2015
HAPPENDIX-HTreasurer's and Banker's Reports & Financial Statements & Bankers Courtesy Report27-36Section H NEW 28/9/2015
IAPPENDIX-ITrustee's Courtesy Report37-38Section I NEW 28/9/2015
JAPPENDIX-JLiterature & Translations Committee report39Section J05/08/2015
KAPPENDIX-KElectronic Communications Committee Report40Section K NEW 28/9/2015
LAPPENDIX-LBylaws Committee Report41Section L05/08/2015
MAPPENDIX-MPublic Information Committee Report42Section M05/08/2015
12th Step Committee Report43Section N NEW 28/9/2015
Newsletter coordinator Report44Section N1 NEW 28/9/2015
OAPPENDIX-OConsent Agenda & Motions Letter
Chart 1- Consent Agenda
Chart 2- Proposed Motions to be discussed and voted on separately
45-49Section O05/08/2015
PAPPENDIX-PProposed Bylaw Motions
Proposed Policy & Procedure Motions
50-101Section P05/08/2015
QAPPENDIX-QApplication for Chair
Region 9 Service Positions avalaible
102-103Section Q05/08/2015
RAPPENDIX-REmergency New Business
Blank Motion Form
104Section R05/08/2015
SAPPENDIX-SGuidelines for National / Language Service Boards105-117Section S05/08/2015
TAPPENDIX-TRegion 9 Guidelines for Translation118-121Section T05/08/2015
UAPPENDIX-UVital Link122-127Section U05/08/2015
VAPPENDIX-VOA Region 9 Bylaws128-141Section V05/08/2015
WAPPENDIX-WOA Region 9 Policies & Procedures142-183Section W05/08/2015
XAPPENDIX-XChair's Report on WSBC April 2015
Chair's Report on 2nd RCC Meeting on 2015
Chair's Report on 3rd RCC Meeting on 2015
184-187Section X NEW 28/9/2015
YAPPENDIX-YWhat is Region 9 ?188-190Section Y NEW 28/9/2015
ZAPPENDIX-ZMinutes of Region 9 previous Assembly (2014)191-224Section Z05/08/2015
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2015 (France) After Assembly documentation

All the After Assembly documentation of Assembly 2015 in France
Chapter letter
Chapter Appendix
Name, description
number of pagesLink to the fileUpdated date
2015 Assembly Minutes2015 Assembly MinutesAssembly minutes382015 Assembly Minutes23/12/2015
2015 Bylaws2015 BylawsBylaws152015 Bylaws23/12/2015
2015 Region 9 Policies & Procedures2015 Region 9 Policies & ProceduresPolicies & Procedures532015 Policies & Procedures23/12/2015
2015 Region 9 2015
1983-2015 Region 9 Chronological List of Motions1983-2015 List of Motions202015 Chronological List of Motions23/12/2015
AAPPENDIX AStrategic Operations Plan2Strategic Operations Plan 201523/12/2015
BAPPENDIX BWork All Twelve Steps Readings & Answers 20141Work All Twelve Steps Readings & Answers 201523/12/2015
CAPPENDIX CFinance & Budget Committee Report1Finance and Budget Committee Report 201523/12/2015
DAPPENDIX DLiterature & Translations Committee Report1Literature & Translations Committee Report 201523/12/2015
EAPPENDIX EBylaws Committee Report1Bylaws Committee Report 201523/12/2015
FAPPENDIX FElectronic Communications Committee Report1Electronic Communications Committee Report 201523/12/2015
GAPPENDIX GPI Committee Report1PI Committee Report 201523/12/2015
HAPPENDIX HTwelfth-Step-Within Committee Report1Twelfth-Step-Within Committee Report 201523/12/2015
IAPPENDIX IDifference between abstinence and a plan of eating workshop 20153Abstinence Workshop 201523/12/2015
JAPPENDIX JTrivia Questions & Answers 20142Trivia Questions & Answers 201523/12/2015
LAPPENDIX LTranslations Workshop Hand-out 20141Translations Workshop Hand-out 201523/12/2015
MAPPENDIX M 7th Tradition Workshop17th Tradition Workshop Hand-out 201523/12/2015
Chapter letterChapter appendixName, descriptionnumber of pagesLink to the fileUpdated date