Service job Descriptions

Region 9 Rep’s Job Description

Region 9 Chair’s Job Description

Region 9 Secretary’s Job Description (updated Novembre 2014)

Region 9 Treasurer’s Job Description

    Enquiries to our Region 9 Trustee include the following:

  • Steps, Traditions or Concepts queries.
  • Your Service Body (SB) arranging a visit from the trustee to conduct workshops regarding:-
    • Service, Traditions & Concepts (S,T & C),
    • OA’s primary purpose i.e. Abstinence from compulsive eating & Carrying the OA message of recovery through the Twelve Steps of OA,
    • Any of the main categories of the Strategic Plan. The plan for 2014 – 2016 has been to focus on ‘ Our Primary Purpose’ :- Abstinence, Working all 12 Steps & Carry the OA message of recovery. The new plan for 2017– 2019 will focus on ‘ Keeping OA Strong Worldwide’ and will begin in 2017 with the theme for the year of ‘ Growing Unity in OA’ .
    • Sometimes recovery events work well if there is a combination of workshops which include S,T & C and ‘ recovery’ aspects.
  • The trustee has a budget to attend but in the spirit of Seventh Tradition of self – support, it is requested where feasible, that the local SB provide some portion of the trustee travel expenses.
  • The International Publications / Translations Board of Trustees Committee activities.
  • Assistance with your service structure and review of your SB bylaws.
  • The R9 Trustee is the liaison person between the Board of Trustees (BOT) and the region.