Anonymity/Data Protection

Data Protection Policies, Notices, Templates, Guidelines and Other Documents

  1. R9 Privacy Policy. This sets out R9’s policy on how fellows’ data is kept, the rights of individuals and how long long data is kept
  2. R9 Data Protection Policy. This sets out the obligations of R9 officers, OA members, trustees, R9 representatives and subcommittee officers in relation to GDPR.
  3. R9 Information Security Policy. This sets out the processes which R9 must follow to keep data secure.
  4. Data Protection Breach Log. Register detailing any data protection breaches, what action was taken and any outcomes.
    1. Subject Access Request Log. Register of fellows who have requested access to their data.
  5. R9 Assembly Privacy Notice. Privacy declaration for R9 assembly attendees to sign confirming they agree to how their data will be processed and how they can be contacted.
  6. Privacy and Operational Guidelines for the R9 Translations List. Security guidelines for those using the R9 translations list.
  7. Email to Prospective Sponsors for Sponsor List. Email to prospective sponsors outlining privacy guidelines they need to adhere to when dealing with fellows’ data.
  8. Sample GDPR Data Audit. Sample register for what personal data is held, where and why it is held and any action required.
  9. Sample GDPR Document Audit. Sample register for what documents are needed for GDPR.
  10.  Sample Website Document Publication Register. Sample register for what documents have been uploaded to the website, whether personal data is held and when it needs to be deleted.
  11. Data Processing Agreement Template for Assembly Country Host. Data processing agreement/contract for the Assembly country host.
  12. Website Policy Template. Website policy, what to consider and action.
  13. Translations List Email. Email to prospective fellows giving service on Translations, requesting permission to hold their data.
  14. OA Guidelines for Anonymity in the Digitial World. General guidelines to consider from 2016 on staying safe in the digital world.
  15. Face-to-Face Meetings Data Protection Guide. Simple guide on what GDPR is and the impact on face-to-face meetings.
  16. GDPR Meeting Policy Wording Example. Sample wording for individual groups to use outlining their GDPR policy.
  17. Simple Guide on GDPR. Simple guide for service bodies and groups on GDPR.
  18. R9 GDPR Announcement Email. Email to fellows outlining the importance of GDPR and that service bodies and groups need to take action.
  19. Example Data Breach Report. Example of a data breach report to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

Guidance for data protection for OA groups using Zoom, WhatsApp or similar

2020 Full guidance for running OA meetings on Zoom v1.1

2020 Suggested Zoom settings v1.1

Guidance for groups using WhatsApp or similar v1.1