How to Announce Your Events in Region 9 on this Website

OA members from other countries might want to come along.
Please send your flyer and basic information (retreat theme, title in English and whether there are any meetings held in English) to the Chair of the Electronic Communication Committee.

If you are submitting flyers or events, please consider and provide:

  1. Who: Name of Service Body submitting (Intergroup, Nat. Service Board).
  2. Anonymity: For names (First + initial), emails (no last names), and phones numbers (with country code) – Please confirm those provided are willing to have info be on public domain.
  3. Logo: If you are using the OA logo with permission, your service body name must be below per World Service Office requirements.
  4. Traditions: Please observe the Traditions and suggested guidelines for events, and you can check on Public information events guidelines.

See the OA important dates, on OA website.


Overeaters Anonymous Birthday

Let’s take out the candles…it’s our birthday!! Overeaters Anonymous is having a birthday, and we are all part of it.
Every year on January 19th, OA members and groups throughout the world, are celebrating this day. The vision that came from our founder, Rozanne – that there was a need for this type of Fellowship. The seed was planted back in November of 1958, till the first meeting took place in January of 1960, till today. From one meeting in Hollywood, California, to 6,500 groups, divided into 10 regions.
The Overeaters Anonymous Fellowship has grown, just as each of us, by working the Steps and using the program in our every day lives, have grown. Happy Birthday to all of us!

Unity Day

Every year, Unity Day is celebrated in OA the last Saturday of February, all over the world. It reminds us that in our meeting room, or country, or region, or all over the world, we can remember that we are not alone. As Tradition One says – “Our common welfare should come first, personal recovery depends upon OA unity“.
The Traditions maintain group unity. A meeting format, meeting directory, and newsletter bring compulsive overeaters closer to each other. Service boards, group conscience, and OA Conferences unify us in our fellowship.
As it’s written: “I put my hand in yours and together we can do what we could never do alone!” Let’s all celebrate together, this very special day.

Region 9 Week

The first week of September, Region 9 Week is celebrated.
Let’s use this time to think of our members and the still suffering compulsive overeater.
Also in view of our geography, countries, states and language barriers within our Region to think about OA’ers who may be living in troubled or poor areas.
We can help. We can make a difference!

R9 Assembly and Convention

What are the Assembly & Convention?

The Assembly takes place over the first three days, from  Wednesday to Friday, and covers the ‘business’ part of carrying the message within Region 9. Representatives from Service Bodies within Region 9 are encouraged to attend and represent their Service Bodies.

A formal agenda is distributed prior to the Assembly, entailing what is happening in Region 9 service at the present, and which includes:
– Committee Reports & Meetings (Literature & Translations, 12th Step Within, Public Information, Electronic Communications, Bylaws & Finance);
– Board Member Reports and feedback on activities at WSBC and other OA Regions;
– debate & voting on motions that service bodies may present to the Assembly;
– workshops, presentations, and discussions.

The Convention follows the Assembly, Friday to Sunday, and promises wonderful OA meetings, workshops and various sessions to enhance your OA program.

The Assembly and Convention usually take place some time between September – November each year.

IDEA Day (International Day Experiencing Abstinence)

Celebrated the third Saturday in November, this day encourages OA members worldwide to begin or reaffirm their abstinence from compulsive overeating.

Twelth-Step Within Day (Celebrated Internationally)

On December 12th every year, Overeaters Anonymous all over the world celebrate Twelfth-Step-Within Day. The purpose of this day is to reach out to those within the Fellowship who are still suffering from compulsive eating behaviors. We can call or email other OA members, or give someone in need a ride to a meeting. We do whatever we can, in order to pass on our experience, strength, and hope.
So let us share this day with as many OA members as we can!!