About Region 9

Region 9 is one of OA’s 10 Regions.

Have a look on updated maps of oa 10 regions’ website and oa region 9’s websites.

It is composed of countries and territories in Africa, Europe, Middle East and Western Asia.  The area of Region 9 covers over 70 million sq Km and over 100 different countries.
756 OA groups are active in 43 nations.
OA is far from evenly distributed through the region.
To this day, unfortunately, only in less than half of the countries in the region Overeaters Anonymous is available to those who need it. 

You can see the meetings existing in the different countries of OA region 9.

Region 9 Map (pdf, 115 ko)

The huge size and the varieties of language and currencies make tough demands on the Region. But also give us many advantages.

Assembly & Convention
Every year the region has an assembly and convention. Each year it is held in a different country. In the assembly we conduct the business of the region; in the convention we share our recovery. But even more than this we build contacts and learn from one another.

Literature & translation
To support our growth in recovery, having literature in one’s own language is essential. Translating and making literature available is very time consuming and costly. Yet there are many members who give hours of service to make translated literature available.

Apart from literature, all the information from WSO and the region has also to be translated as it is sent out in English. Region 9 is very fortunate to have English speaking members who are willing to serve.

How is OA funded?

Overeaters Anonymous has no dues or fees for membership. It is entirely self-supporting through contributions and sale of publications. Most groups “pass the basket” at meetings to cover expenses. OA does not solicit or accept outside contributions. R9 is self-support through contributions from individuals and its’ member service bodies.

Who runs OA?

OA has no central government and a minimum of formal organization. At the local, regional, and international levels responsible members serve OA and its fellowship by volunteering to organize and lead meetings, conduct activities and sit on the Board of Trustees.

World Service Office is a service center whose main function is to carry the OA message to the many compulsive overeaters who still suffer. The World Service The Office publishes and distributes literature, maintains records on all registered groups, intergroups, regions and national service boards, and issues meeting directories. The World Service Office also acts as a public information clearing house.
World-wide Service Structure of Overeaters Anonymous.