Methods of Payment to Region 9

Methods of Payment to Region 9

Download the pdf file Methods of Payment to Region 9.
Region 9 countries are wonderfully diverse. The easiest ways to make your group’s 7th Tradition contribution to Region 9 directly are given below.

If you are unable to send funds directly (in euros or GPB) electronically or without fees, then you can often forward contributions to R9 through your Intergroup/ National/Language Service Board who will collate it with other groups’ contributions before sending on to us at Region 9. Check with your Service Body first to ensure they are able to do this for your group. (Specify clearly if your contributions are to be split between different service bodies. Please email the R9 Treasurer & Banker to let them know the funds are coming and via which Service Body.)

You may also send contributions intended for WSO through Region 9. If your contribution, or a portion of your contribution, is intended for WSO – please make clear the amount to be forwarded to WSO on your group’s behalf.

We have given a suggested email text below as an example for your convenience.

When sending to Region 9 – please send an email to the Region 9 treasurer & banker ( & – giving the details of your group’s contribution and details regarding amounts and service body (Specific amount for Region 9 & WSO please where appropriate.) The R9 Treasurer will send you a receipt. (With all contributions please let the treasurer & banker have an email address so a receipt can be emailed and thereby save money on unnecessary postage.)

It is obviously within our interests to reduce the amount of Bank Charges payable. So investigate the best way you can forward your contributions to Region 9 and all service levels to reduce charges.

The following are the methods available for payment to Region 9.

  1. Region 9 Euro Account

    1) Region 9 Euro Account.
    OA REGION 9 Euro Account
    National Westminster Bank PLC
    Beeston Branch,
    19 High Road

    Sort Code 51 – 70 – 06
    Account No 79573495

    IBAN: GB84 NWBK 6072 0979 5734 95

    The costs vary but range in the equivalent of the following:-
    For Deposits of value Cost
    Euro Euro 150 – Euro 7500 Euro 15.00
    As well as these amounts you may be charged locally.
    We have had ‘bank draft cheques’ sent to us (in the form of a cheque drawn on the bank itself) in Euros for which we have not been charged anything. This may be a peculiarity of the country in question (Ireland) but it is worth speaking to your bank and requesting this.

    Cheques in Euro are to be made payable to ‘OA Region 9’.

  2. Region 9 GBP £ Bank Account

    National Westminster Bank PLC
    Beeston Branch
    19 High Road

    Sort Code 51 – 70 – 06
    Account No 51756013

    IBAN GB48 NWBK 5170 0651 7560 13

    If you bank within the United Kingdom and are unable to deposit electronically – cheques can be made payable to:-
    ‘OA Region 9’ and sent direct to the banker Postal address available by e-mailing:

    The R9 Banker will inform the R9 Treasurer of your group’s contribution (amount, group number, and email contact details) so that a receipt can be sent to your group.

  3. If you do not bank in Euro or GBP

    then we suggest that you set up an international money transfer into the UK Bank Account – shown as No 2 above.
    Suggested email from your group / service body when a contribution is being sent electronically:

    Dear OA R9 Treasurer & Banker.
    We (Group No & details……………..) are sending a contribution today via a bank draft of:-

    Total:- € / £ / Other Currency…………….

    Please distribute our contribution as follows:
    € / £ / Other Currency
    Amount …………. contribution to Region 9.
    Remainder of …………. contribution to OA Inc. (WSO).

    We understand that the amount intended for OA Inc. (WSO) will be collated with other contributions sent via OA R9 and forwarded to OA Inc. (WSO ). Our group / service body and the amount of our contribution will be listed with the details being forwarded to OA Inc. (WSO).

    Please send the receipt to the above email address or to ……………. (as necessary).

    In fellowship

    Treasurer (Group No & details ………………..)