Payments to Region 9


OA’s 7th Tradition states that “every OA group ought to be fully self-supporting declining outside contributions”

Financial contributions help to keep OA strong in our region.

Your contribution helps us do many things including:

  • Maintain the R9 website
  • Provide financial support for translations and projects
  • Provide support for R9 committees: Bylaws, Public Information, 12 Step Within, Finance, Electronic Communications
  • Send R9 Delegate to World Service Business Conference
  • Allow the R9 Board to attend assemblies
  • Allow the R9 Chair to attend WSBC and other committee meetings
  • Contribute to other levels of OA such as World Service Office

Thank you for doing your part which allows us all to continue to carry OA’s message of recovery.

Please contact R9 Treasurer if you have any questions.

Here is information on how to send R9 and WSO (via R9) your contributions.